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a new song!

here we are dolls! I started writing this song ages ago, even before the p.o.'s, so its not supposed to be about miss chaste. we can change that word if we want to :)

miss pristine

little miss, she's so pristine
look a little closer, it's not what it seems
come inside, pull back the seams
our little chastity's a fuck machine

she's so pure!
(you want her more)
she's so pure!
(what a whore.......)

you wanna break her
wanna fuck her
wanna pull her down,
wanna pop her
wanna do her
wanna tear her crown!
(so wrong!)
you wanna grab her
wanna smash her
wanna make her scream,
wanna rip her
wanna bite her
wanna be soooo mean
(so bad!)

you want her bad
you feel so wrong
little did you know...
she wanted it all along
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